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Bazaar Ramadhan: Kampung Pandan

11 Aug


Salam and good evening!

Hye all. Just came back from the Bazaar Ramadhan in Kampung Pandan, Cheras. I think of all bazaars that i’ve been to, this is by far the best bazaar ramadhan that i’ve been to.

There are so many varieties of food available and it’s totally awesome! All the food that i bought, are all very tasty. Of all the food, i love specially one: The Crispy Rojak.

The Rojak is just marvelous. All crispy, tasty and the gravy is just awesome with lots of nuts.

That was just only one part of the bazaar that i went. I wonder what the other part is selling?

Well till next time. Selamat berpuasa 😉






Gosh! Did it rain?

10 Aug


Hello and salam guys and gals.

Gosh. Spent so much time in the room, didn’t even notice that it rained. Usually i would hang out with my collegues for a smoke outside the balcony and at the same time seeing what’s happening outside. Not that i smoke of course, i don’t!

I guess we don’t know now due to the fasting month, so we don’t visit the balcony as much as we used to during other months. LOL.

Well, that’s what happens if you isolate and get chained-up in your room!

Owh, update- and it’s still raining at the time this article is published.

20110810-051405.jpg see ya!

A fine Wednesday morning

10 Aug


Assalammualaikum and good morning Malaysia!

It’s a beautiful & fine morning today! Not many cars, not heavy a traffic jam and no pressure!

I’m hoping today and the rest of the week would be a fine day for all of us, God willing.


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