Another test round

7 Aug

Sorry guys…

Just another test round 😉


Test Round of Live Blogging

7 Aug

Hello people!

This is just a testing round!

Shazammm now has a Live Blogging blog for you to subscribe to and to follow me around! So i can basically blog everywhere live from the tip of my handphone! Boy i think i should get an ipad or acer tablet or even maybe a netbook for me to easily blog my way through!

This is just a test people; so if it works, you can expect me to post new posts live! See ya!



Today, im breaking my fast @ Dapur Penyek in Maju Junction.

Ayam penyek is an indonesian delicacy. Where the ayam penyek is cooked in spices and so forth. Then when fried, the chicken will be ‘ squashed ‘ , thus the name Penyek, then served.

This is my 1st time eating here. So crossing my fingers 😉

Will post more photos after breaking fast. See ya



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