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Live blogging starts today!

8 Aug

Hello & salam everyone!

Well, officially today my live blogging begins. As of right now, i’m in my room, enjoying my speakers with the volume on high mode! Just wanting to release some stress on some matters.

I don’t know why, but everybody seems to be in a mood today. Monday maybe? Who knows.

In front of me, there are 2 of my laptops for me to do work. One for blogging and the other strictly for work.

Both are Dell. One is Xps Studio and the other an Inspiron 1720 17″ screen. Nice to do graphic wonders! But it only comes with one slot of RAM and the maximum RAM capacity it can go up to is 4gb. So that pratically spoils half of the cool thing that this machine can do.

Anyway, be returning to work now. See ya guys later 😉

Dell Studio Xps
Dell Studio XPS
Dell Inspiron 1720Dell Inspiron 1720

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